pause (III)

when on the moss-green hill the wandering wind
drowses, and lays his brazen trumpet down,
when snow-fed waters gurgle, cold and brown,
and wintered birds creep from the stacks to find
solace, while each bright eye begins to see
a visionary nest in every tree —
let us away, out of the murky day
of sullen towns, into the silver noise
of woods where every bud has found her way
sunward, and every leaf has found a voice.

― mary webb

in the midst of this work storm i'm currently living in,
a little green pause, of sunnier and outdoorsy days

have a wonderful day


desktop calendar: march 2015

{ click here to download the desktop calendar }

good bye february, hello march.
a new desktop wallpaper, from me to you.
hope you enjoy it ♥

with love,