in bloom

"i am losing precious days. i am degenerating into a machine for making money. 
i am learning nothing in this trivial world of men. 
i must break away and get out into the mountains to learn the news."
john muir

october, 2014.

it's been months since i took a film photograph
and months of me neglecting this blog have passed.
i blame it on too much work,
the increasing costs of film rolls & labs,
and mostly on this little thing called instagram,
which is ever so addictive (and way, way cheaper!)

hopefully, sometime this year m. & i will be proper home owners
and all this effort will have been worth it
and things will be calmer, maybe even easier.
hopefully, i will have time for taking pictures and doing simple things;
and hopefully i'll even be able to get away from the city once or twice.
i miss the countryside
and the mountains
and the sea
and all things wild and free.
i miss them with my body and i miss them with my soul.


some films on a friday

gate of hell / black narcissus (and the red shoes) / onibaba / mulholland dr. (and blue velvet) / in the mood for love (and chungking express & 2046)
only lovers left alive / freaks / phenomena (and profondo rosso & suspiria) / cría cuervos / the wind rises
days of heaven / scanners (and videodrome) / the mirror / tess (and repulsion) / viridiana

since there's no film friday today, nor any friday during january,
i thought i'd do a little recap of some of the snobbish films i liked the most this year.
there's only one image per director, but really,
i love all of wong kar-wai, lynch and argento's films alike.
and early cronenberg. and powell & pressburger. and...

and here is the complete list of the films i watched in 2014
including the ones i loved, the ones i didn't like at all,
some guilty pleasures & the always entertaining shameful ones.

hope you all had a wonderful start of the year!